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Trailrite trailers were established in 1977 and over the years one thing has remained the same: design excellence, quality construction and superior value. Trailrite manufactures a comprehensive range of trailers for industrial, commercial and recreational use.
We build custom trailers we also have a series of standard trailers.
Trailer rentals are also available

Industrial Trailers

These trailers are used by industry in various means.Trailers to mount and transport generators, water tanks, diesel tanks, compressors, pumps, motors, flood lights, earthmoving equipment, fire fighting equipment, ect.  

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Commercial Trailers

These are trailers used to enhance and compliment your business.Trailers used for deliveries of goods or transporting of equipment, tools, livestock, vehicles, as well as signage trailers, promotional trailers and mobile workshops.

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Sport and Leisure

Sport and leisure trailers are trailers for events that allows you to let your hair lose… QuickLoader guaranteed one person motorbike loading trailer, Trailrite offers a wide range of motorbike trailers under the Quick Loader brand. Trailrite also offers trailers for all those fun in the sun things like off-road, boat, jet-ski, quad, golf cart, bikes, cars, hunting, camping, fishing and luggage trailers and many more. 

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Fleet Maintenance

Maintenance, repairs and alterations ensuring your trailer is always kept in a roadworthy condition. Our services include total refurbishment to minor repairs. It is essential to keep your trailer in a roadworthy condition at all times. Regular servicing and maintenance of your trailer will ensure longer lifespan and that you reach your destination safely.With over 37 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing trailers our experience and workmanship are our foundation. Our clients range from the man in the street to large fleet owners. 

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Trailer Rentals

The trailer rentals fleet of Trailrite trailers comprised of the following trailers, 7 Luggage, 6 Luggage, 30TR general purpose trailer is 3 meter long, Car Transporter, 1 Ton Furniture trailer and 2 Ton Furniture trailer. 

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Custom Built Trailers

We manufacture trailers form large volume production to once off custom made for the individual. 

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QuickLoader offers:

Guaranteed one person bike loading trailer
2 Year warranty & Service plan
Quality Construction
Superior Value
Design excellence
Unrivalled Customer Satisfaction
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